Impeachment Trial of President Andrew Johnson

In the years following the Civil War, the people of the United States plunged headlong into accelerating social and economic change.For the formerly enslaved people of the South, freedom opened a new world in which they were at liberty to travel, rebuild relationships, and seek control over their working lives.Yet the fate of African Americans was still intertwined with the will of whites, some of whom respected them and some of them whom did not.In the end, most white Americans proved unwilling to commit themselves to full racial equality.Reconstruction transformed the nation, but it failed to fulfill the promise of northern victory in the Civil War.

Essential Questions
1.What did freedom look like and mean to African Americans?
2.What were the three plans of Reconstruction that were proposed?
3.What changes were made in Southern agriculture now that the slaves were free?
4.What role did carpetbaggers and scalawags play in Southern Reconstruction?
5.Why did Northerners eventually retreat from Reconstruction issues?

Key Terms, People, & Places
1. Reconstruction
2. United States Sanitary Comm.
3. Freedmen’s Bureau
4. Andrew Johnson
5. pardon
6. carpetbagger
7. Fourteenth Amendment
8. scalawag
9. Military Reconstruction Act of 1867
10. sharecropper
11. impeach
12. tenant farmer
13. Fifteenth Amendment
14. Ku Klux Klan
15. debt peonage
16. Rutherford B. Hayes
17. Credit Mobilier


PowerPoint Presentations

1. Lincoln Assassination Dossiers

2. John Wilkes Booth Conspiracy Theories
- watch the episode of Brad Meltzer's Decoded on the assassination of John Wilkes Booth and the various conspiracies that surround his escape.
- write an essay on the video that answers the following question. Use the writing prompts below to help guide you in your writing.
- If John Wilkes Booth was not at the Garrett Farmhouse Barn on the night of April 26, 1865 what happened to him? What do you think is the most likely scenario
for what happened to John Wilkes Booth?
- Writing Prompts: Make sure to include the following in your writing. 1.) James W. Boyd 2.) John B. Wilkes 3.) John St. Helens 4.) Your opinion of what

3. Ch 12. Section 1 Review - Pg. 382 #1-5

4. Three Plans of Reconstruction Graphic Organizer.
- Use the information below to create your own graphic organizer highlighting the information of the three different plans for Reconstruction presented.
1. Lincoln’s Plan
-10% Plan (3 parts)
2. Johnson’s Plan
- 4 main parts
- Major difference from Lincoln’s Plan
3. Congress’ Plan
- Wade Davis Bill, Freedmen’s Bureau, Civil Rights Act of 1866, 14th Amendment, Reconstruction Act of 1867, 15th Amendment, Enforcement Act

5. Johnson Impeachment Promotional Advertisements
- Create an ad for the impeachment of Andrew Johnson using the information in the PowerPoint provided below. Make sure to answer the following questions.
1. Who are the competitors?
2. What led to the impeachment?
3. When is the date of the impeachment?
4. Where is the impeachment taking place?